What’s the Story?
Building Blocks for Fiction Writing

What’s a story? Is it character? Plot? Conflict? Change? Why do some stories fall flat with audiences while others sweep the globe, captivating people in every corner of the world?

Stories are made up of many moving parts: action, dialogue, description, and exposition are just a few components of a story. These, and many other building blocks, are woven together to create a compelling and entertaining narrative.

What’s the Story? Building Blocks for Fiction Writing parses the elements that work together to form a story, fostering a broader and deeper understanding of stories, what they are made of, and how they are developed.

Ideal for beginning to intermediate storytellers, What’s the Story? is designed for independent study or classroom use.

The Storyteller’s Toolbox series of books helps you develop skills and strategies to tell the best stories possible while exploring your creativity and developing a storytelling process that works for you.

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