Poetry Prompts for the End of the Year

poetry prompts

Celebrate the end of the year with these poetry prompts.

The end of yet another year is just around the corner. It’s a busy season packed with holiday shopping, gatherings with friends and family, and preparationg for the new year ahead.

When things get busy, it’s important for writers to keep their heads in the clouds. Don’t forget about your dreams! Don’t let your poetry fall by the wayside lest you forget to return!

Maybe you don’t have time to sit and write the way you usually do. Maybe your head is spinning with all the things you have to get done. That’s fine. Just set a few minutes aside and let these poetry prompts walk you through a brief writing session.

We’ll even keep the focus on things that are going on right now–things like food, holidays, gifts, goals, and the new year.

Poetry Prompts

To use these poetry prompts, simply pick one of the lists below and write a quick poem using all of the words in the list. The lists are categorized to make choosing a little easier. Select the one that speaks to you, and then get busy writing.

If you’re not as busy as everyone else and are feeling up for an even bigger challenge, try making one poem with all the words from all the lists. Up the ante by using the list titles as well. If you’re feeling lazy or have an itch to break the rules, go ahead and mix the lists up and just pick whatever words you want.

Just remember to have fun.

Holiday Food Gifts End of the Year New Year
red suit
festival of lights
winter solstice
baking cookies
forks and napkins
shopping mobs
bows and baubles
wrapping paper
big sale
the past
looking ahead
tomorrow’s plans
day off

More Tips for Using Poetry Prompts

As you work through these poetry prompts, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Try to write about something unexpected. If you choose the “Holiday” list, then make your poem about anything BUT the holidays.
  • Mix two or three lists of poetry prompts together and take out some words or add in a few of your own. Then write your poem.
  • Use the five list titles rather than the words in the lists.

As always, enjoy your poetry session and keep writing!

If you give these poetry prompts a try, feel free to post your poem in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Poetry Prompts for the End of the Year”

  1. Brenda Warren says:

    Thanks for the prompt. Here’s what followed:

    The Unfinished Marker

    Deep on Chameleon Street
    beneath a canopy of trees
    children free dandelion seeds
    in a fierce stampede of feet.
    The little parachutes mirror dust
    that bedecks the air.

    Steel songs ring from
    a chisel’s slippery slopes and
    collide with the liquid trill
    of two wood thrush volleying
    a back and forth dance
    of voice blending into din.

    White flecks fling as a steel point
    uncovers an angel hidden in stone.
    Up, from alabaster flesh it rises.
    One eye surveys the tapestry it joins
    to commemorate the soldiers
    our city has lost.

    Its wings linger inside calcite
    waiting to be chiseled into being.