Poetry Prompts for Winter

poetry promptsPoetry prompts and writing exercises are great ways to get a little creative writing done when inspiration is absent.¬†They’re also perfect for challenging yourself as a writer to incorporate new ideas and themes into your work.

You can use prompts and exercises on days when you’re not feeling especially inspired or as a way to work on something a little different from your usual writing fare. Write a long poem, a short poem, a haiku, or a pantoum.

As long as you get the creative writing flowing and have fun with it, you’re doing it right!

These poetry prompts can be used for other types of writing too. Try using them in a short story, a blog post, or a bit of creative prose.

Poetry Prompts

Use the lists of words below to write a poem. You can use all the prompts from any one list, including the list title, or you can mix and match words from different lists.

Want a super challenge? Try to write one poem using all the poetry prompts from the lists below.

Write any kind of poem you want: free verse or a form poem, like a haiku or a sonnet.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Winter’s Snowy Season
  • burnt
  • spacious
  • metropolis
  • pacing
  • fiery
  • cannon
  • hilarious
  • elegantly
  • hips
  • fern
  • listless
  • twisting
  • green
  • loudly
  • tub
  • swims
  • sultry
  • sharp

Create Poetry Prompts

You can also create your own poetry prompts by flipping through the dictionary and selecting words at random. For the poetry prompts here on Writing Forward, I usually try to find words that have nothing to do with each other, and I try to include a range of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to make the poetry writing just a little more challenging.

If you try these poetry prompts, feel free to share your poems in the comments. And keep writing!

Creative Writing Prompts

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Melissa Donovan is a website designer and copywriter. She writes fiction and poetry and is the founder and editor of Writing Forward, a blog packed with creative writing tips and ideas.


4 Responses to “Poetry Prompts for Winter”

  1. Adam says:

    First time I’d come across one of these. I don’t usually write poetry, but I had a bit of a mental block at work this morning, and going through these helped me break through it.


    • Adam, you just made my day. One of the reasons I post these prompts and other writing exercises is because over the years, they’ve helped me much the same way and my hope is that they will benefit writers and other creative people. It’s good to know they’re helping people ;)

  2. diya says:

    Your ideas are very useful.I made a poem using many of your tips.