Writing Prompts for Music Lovers

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These creative writing prompts might make you want to dance.

Some days, ideas don’t come easily.

You may find yourself staring at a blank screen or doodling in your notebook with nothing to write about.

You may find that you’d rather just listen to some music or go out dancing. Maybe you’d rather play your guitar, practice your singing, or go to a concert?

If you’re a writer and a music lover, then these creative writing prompts are perfect for you. They’ll infuse your words with musicality and make your writing rock.

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a great way to break through writer’s block. Try the prompts below and see for yourself!

Below, there are two sets of prompts to choose from. First you’ll find a series of word lists. Pick any of these lists and use all the words from the list you’ve chosen in a piece of writing. Or mix and match the words. The possibilities are endless.

Below the word lists, you’ll find a series of music-related creative writing prompts that are designed to spark a writing session. Some get you thinking about your own relationship with music while others give you a scene where music is a key player.

Use these prompts to write anything you want: a short story, a poem, an essay, an article, or fill a page in your journal.

The Composer The Player The Singer The Listener The Dancer

More Musically Inspired Writing Prompts:

  • A six-year-old girl comes home from school one day to find a piano sitting in the living room. “What’s that for?” she asks her mother. “Today, you start piano lessons,” her mom says.
  • What was the first record you ever bought? Do you still like listening to it?
  • After a twenty-year career as a successful, underground singer with a voice that gives audiences chills, a singer with no other skills or experience┬áloses his or her voice.
  • Have you ever played an instrument or performed music for a live audience? Ever recorded yourself singing?
  • A talented and homeless twenty-something is busking in the subway. A well-to-do Julliard student passes by, then stops, turns around, and approaches the busker with the offer of a lifetime.
  • Do you prefer to sing in the shower or in the car?
  • After years of writing commercial jingles and cheesy, B-movie scores, a composer writes a masterful piece that propels him or her into the limelight.
  • Are you one of those people who “don’t dance?” Why? Do you think everyone is watching you?
  • A young, professional dancer injures her knee and can never dance professionally again. She decides if she can’t move to the music, she’ll make it. Which instrument does she choose and why?

Enjoy these creative writing prompts, rock on, and keep writing!

Did these creative writing prompts inspire you? Got any prompts or writing ideas to share? Leave a comment!

Creative Writing Prompts

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8 Responses to “Writing Prompts for Music Lovers”

  1. Cars are for singing and listening to the same song over and over, right?

  2. kathleen bartholomew says:

    These prompts are invaluable.

    My idea is write a poem or blog/short story on a world without music. One morning you wake up and there is no music in the world., your world Tell us what you find is missing

    • Ooh, that’s a fantastic prompt. I don’t know what a world without music would be like, and I’m pretty sure I never want to find out, although it is a tempting idea to explore in fiction. Thank you Kathleen!

  3. Ekaterina says:

    I never sang in shower, but I love singing while washing dishes ­čśÇ (Sometimes I wash them just to sing, crazy me…)

    • Washing dishes is probably my favorite zen activity. I always go into a trance. I sing in my car, I come up with writing ideas in the shower, and I guess I meditate while doing the dishes. There you go!

  4. Katie says:

    Another great idea for music lovers is to put your ipod on shuffle and use one of the first three songs as inspiration for a story. It could be a re-telling of the story in the song, or it could be a new story inspired by the theme or tone of the song, or even the same story from a different viewpoint.
    Sometimes I pick one line from the first song and use it somewhere in the story, which can be more flexible than basing the story on the whole song.