types of publishing

A Writer’s Guide to Types of Publishing Companies

Publishing used to be simple. An author wrote a proposal or a manuscript and then found an agent who was willing to represent the book. The agent shopped it around and sold it to a publisher. The writer received an advance and then the agent, publisher, and writer worked together until the book appeared in…Read More

hybrid publishing

Hybrid Publishing: The Best of Both Worlds

We’ve talked about how to decide whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is right for you, but what if neither feels quite right? What if you want to do both? The newest model of publishing to have emerged is hybrid publishing, a combination of self-publishing and traditional publishing that empowers both authors and publishers. Hybrid publishing…Read More

self-publishing or traditional

Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing: What’s Right for You?

If you’ve finished a book or are working on one, then you’re probably thinking about how to publish it. There are two obvious choices: self-publish or try to get it published by a traditional publisher. There was a time when self-publishing was a last resort, a final attempt after an author had accumulated piles of…Read More

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