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Get creative by getting out of your comfort zone.

How comfortable are you with your writing?

Many writers specialize in a genre or niche. Creative writers are focused on fiction or poetry, copywriters specialize in marketing, and technical writers are bound by jargon and code that other writers might find impossible to decipher.

Sure, some of us explore various types of writing, but how deeply are we willing to immerse ourselves into unfamiliar waters?

A novelist might dip her toes in copywriting. A copywriter might wade in children’s literature. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive into a completely new form of writing or what it would be like to explore a form you’ve only tested? Are you willing to challenge yourself and get creative by trying something new?

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve tried my hand at many different types of writing. I am an experienced poet and storyteller. I get paid to write articles, website copy, and posts. I’ve written and published fiction and nonfiction books.

I’ve found that writing in different forms and genres makes my writing better in other forms and genres. My experience with writing poetry improves my fiction; my experience with fiction writing and storytelling strengthens my copywriting. I’ve also found that experimenting with different forms and genres helps me get creative and stay creative.

When we lodge ourselves inside a comfort zone, our work can become stale or feel formulaic. That why it’s beneficial to read and write a little bit of everything. The techniques we develop for one form carry over to another and make it richer.

Get Creative

Below, you’ll find a few activities that will prompt you to explore unfamiliar territory in your writing. Choose a type of writing that you’ve never attempted before or choose something you’ve only toyed with. Pick a form or genre that you’ve struggled with in the past. Just pick something that you haven’t mastered and then dive in.

It doesn’t take long:

  • Write a piece of flash fiction under 1000 words
  • Write a 250-word poem
  • Write a brief, 2000-word topical essay
  • Compose a newspaper column
  • Write three pages of a script

If you turn off the TV, unplug your video games, and close your web browser, you could probably do all of these in a single weekend.

What are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone and get creative. Now go start writing!

Ready Set Write a Guide to Creative Writing

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