the writer short film

Still from The Writer, a short film.

Today’s post is a special treat. It’s a short film called The Writer. As you have probably guessed, it’s a about a writer.

There are only a handful of films about writers, but not nearly enough for those of us who labor at the craft of wordplay and storytelling. It’s always exciting when a new film comes out that explores what it means to be a writer.

And that’s exactly what this short film does.

The Writer

A writer imprisoned in a mysterious house has everything he needs; food, drink and affection. Yet, he yearns to escape from the harbored life and venture into the wilderness outside. But there are a few things standing in his way: the other occupants of the house.

This film is a story about overcoming obstacles that hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Fear, self-doubt, distraction and laziness can cripple you, stopping you in your tracks. You can only blame your shortcomings on so many external things, until you realize the biggest obstacle in the way is yourself.

Take a quick break and watch this intriguing short science-fiction film all the way to the final revelation and payoff. Enjoy The Writer!


The Writer is produced by Woolly Rhino Productions, directed by Mike Rominski, and written by Mike Rominski and Kellen Berg. It stars Nathan Tymoshuk.

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