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Guest posts are a great way to connect with other bloggers and get your work in front of a larger audience. Here are some guest posts that have been published around the web, written by Melissa Donovan, founder and editor of Writing Forward.

The Creative Penn:Pinterest: A Visual Marketing Tool for Writers and Bloggers” (4/12/13)

Fiction Notes: “The Art of Using Literary Devices and Technique” (3/25/13)

Novel Publicity: “5 Classic Character Archetypes” (3/11/13)

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The Bookshelf Muse (now Writers Helping Writers): “To Plot or Not to Plot” (8/15/11)

The Top 10 Blog: “The Top Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Writing” (7/28/11)

The Creative Penn: “The Five Biggest Mistakes Writers Make on Their Websites” (7/25/11)

Procrastinating Writers: “How Freewriting Can Help Writers Overcome Procrastination” (6/1/11)

For Bloggers, By Bloggers: “Is Bad Writing Hurting Your Blog?” (5/30/11)

Journaling Saves: “How to Break in a Blank Journal” (5/20/11)

The Top 10 Blog: “Top 10 Reasons Your Blog is Still a Sad Little Sideshow” (5/17/11)

Positively Present: “Six Ways to Use Positive Language for Positive Thinking” (5/5/11)

Writerly Life:How to Make Readers Feel Like Characters in Your Story” (4/28/11)

Novel Publicity:10 Creative Techniques for Writing Character-Specific Dialogue” (4/26/11)

Screenwriting for Hollywood: “12 Screenwriting Tips for Beginners” (3/28/11)

Freelance Parent: “Freelance Fever: Six Tips to Help You Stay Cool and Healthy” (2/6/08)

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