Do You Need a Writing Coach?

Are you struggling to achieve your writing goals and finish your projects?

Do you need to improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, or do you need to work on sentence and paragraph structure?

Could you use some guidance as you work through the process of writing a book?

Do you need to develop a stronger voice, more realistic characters, or better plots? 

Could you benefit by enlisting the help of a mentor who will provide thoughtful, honest, and constructive feedback?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a writing coach can help.

What a Writing Coach Does

A writing coach should be able to relate to your struggles while offering solutions to help you overcome your challenges.

A good writing coach will hold you accountable and firmly, but gently, encourage you to stick to your goals and make sure you complete your projects. Finally, a writing coach is more than a productivity guide. A writing coach knows good writing and will work with you to make sure your writing is the best it can be.

Your Writing Coach

As your writing coach, I will help you:

  • Identify and prioritize your creative writing goals.
  • Stay focused on your objectives and projects.
  • Find your way through the process of a large-scale project, such as writing a book or developing a blog.
  • Overcome challenges that interfere with your writing progress.
  • Improve your writing through thoughtful and insightful feedback.

The result? You’ll reach your goals, become a better writer, and produce polished work that is suitable for publication.

“Working with Melissa has been invaluable, and I credit her for helping me become the writer I am today. I first started working with Melissa about four years ago when I had a lifestyle blog, where she taught me the fundamentals of writing.

When I came up with an idea for a book, she encouraged me to go for it, leading me through the entire process––from learning how to structure the book, develop the plot, create an outline, character sketches, and of course, write and rewrite the manuscript multiple times.

Always positive and encouraging, [Melissa] thoroughly explains what areas I need to work on and how I can improve my writing. Melissa has taught me more about writing than I learned in school—and I have master’s degree in history! She is highly organized and a gifted teacher. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.” 

Lori Gurtman


“Melissa has been my writing coach for the last two years for a variety of projects including my blog, portfolio, and novel. She has been equally knowledgeable in every subject, helping me to improve my writing skills and become a more confident writer.” 

David James Sautter


“Melissa has been an awesome writing coach. She is helping me improve as a writer by giving me another point of view and continued fresh ideas on my weekly submissions.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in high school, so I have a tough time recalling some of the grammar rules in writing. Melissa has helped me tremendously in this area. Now I am more confident of my work and I don’t mind letting someone read my writing.

The thing I appreciate most is that she gives you the information in a way that you understand. Her responses are resourceful, well thought out, and dead on. She also provides suggestions! Writing is a part time profession for me, so flexibility is key. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.” 

Monica Mayon


How It Works

I provide coaching to writers of fiction and creative nonfiction. I also offer blog coaching for writers who want to launch or improve their author websites and blogs.

Coaching is conducted via email. We’ll start by setting goals. Each week, you’ll send an update explaining the progress you’ve made and obstacles that are getting in your way. You’ll also send written material for review and receive an edited copy of your work or written feedback. In some cases, you’ll receive both. You may also receive tailored guidance through the entire process of writing a book from the early stages of development to publication.

Coaching is customized to your needs, skill level, and the particulars of your project, and it’s tailored to your working style. You’ll receive personalized guidance to help you reach your goals and become a better writer, including recommendations for books, articles, and other writing resources that are chosen especially for you.


  • $325 for a five-hour coaching package.
  • $300 per month for one hour per week.
  • $425 per month for two hours per week.

How to Get Started

Let me know what you’re working on, what you’re struggling with, and what you’d like to accomplish with your writing. There’s no obligation until you decide to hire me and issue your first payment. Openings in my schedule are limited.

I look forward to helping you improve your writing and reach your goals.

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