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What’s Your Writing Plan?

When I first started writing, it was a spontaneous affair. I was a teenager, lying on my bedroom floor; I think I was talking to someone on the phone, and I’m certain music was playing on my boombox, as it always was. There happened to be a pen and a spiral-bound notebook (for schoolwork) in…Read More

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Get Poemcrazy!

This post contains affiliate links. Part memoir, filled with poetry exercises and activities, and sprinkled with poems, Poemcrazy is sure to inspire anyone who wants to delve deeper into the art of writing poetry and the lifestyle of a poet. Poemcrazy is a delicious read with bite-sized chapters that give you a creative boost and a…Read More

Poetry Prompts for Language Lovers

Poets have a unique relationship with language. For a poet, language is more than a tool for communication; it’s a set of paints and paintbrushes that can be used to create scenes and images that resonate with readers. A poet must then foster a loving relationship with language, learning its secrets, understanding its idiosyncrasies, and…Read More

storytelling exercise motif

Storytelling Exercise: Motif

Today’s storytelling exercise is an excerpt from my book, Story Drills, which is packed with fiction-writing exercises designed to impart the basic techniques of storytelling. Today’s exercise is from chapter thirty-five. It’s called “Motif.” Enjoy! Motif A motif is a recurring idea, element, or symbol in a story. A story can have multiple motifs, and…Read More

ideas for writing a story

Where to Find Ideas for Writing a Story

It always seem like there are too many writing ideas or not enough. When you don’t have time to write, ideas come hurtling out of nowhere. Sometimes they come so fast, you can’t even write them all down. But when you sit down, stretch your fingers, and lean over your keyboard to start typing, nothing…Read More

what is poetry

What is Poetry?

Prose Bewitched “Poetry is prose bewitched, a music made of visual thoughts, the sound of an idea.” – Mina Loy When I read Mina Loy’s description of poetry as “prose bewitched,” I felt like someone had captured the true essence of poetry for the first time. We often struggle to define abstract or obtuse concepts….Read More

writing inspiration

How to Find Writing Inspiration When Your Muse is on Vacation

Have you ever sat down to start a new writing project only to find yourself sitting there, hours later, staring idly at the blank page? Writing inspiration doesn’t always come easily. In an ideal world, we always look forward to the blank page, a fresh canvas we can color with ideas and texture with language….Read More


Talent Isn’t Everything

Every writer hopes for talent, but what is talent, exactly? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary offers several definitions: a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude. general intelligence or mental power: ability the natural endowments of a person Talent gives people an edge or a head start. With talent, you can learn faster and perform better. Success isn’t…Read More

getting published submission tips

10 Tips for Submitting Your Writing and Getting Published

Your short story is finished. Your poem is polished. Your personal essay has been proofread. Now you’re ready to submit your creative writing project for publication. How do you do it? Where do you find the right publication? What materials should you send? Should you use e-mail or snail mail? How long do you wait…Read More

Writing Resources: Bird by Bird

This post contains affiliate links that earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Bird by Bird is a classic book on writing. You’ll hear about it in writer circles, at workshops, and it will appear on book lists by some of your favorite authors. This book had been sitting on my to-read list for years by the…Read More

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