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How to Play and Pretend Your Way to Breakthrough Writing Ideas

My little niece used to love to sit with a grown-up book spread across her lap, reading a story out loud — except she couldn’t read yet. She was making it all up — pretending. During play, she invented new words. One time we were playing with some toys, and I asked one of their…Read More

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How to Harvest Creative Writing Ideas from the News

Creative people are always looking for inspiration, and writers are no exception. We look to the people in our lives, to nature, and to the books, music, and films that we love. We call on our muses, we doodle, and we daydream. We record our dreams, meditate, and contemplate. And we do all these things…Read More

is writing fun

Is Writing Always Fun?

People have different reasons for writing. For some, it’s a hobby. For others, it’s a livelihood. For most, it’s a hobby they dream of turning into a livelihood. It’s a worthwhile dream, and a lofty one too. But what does it take to get there? How much fun will you have, and just how much…Read More

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How to Find Writing Inspiration When Your Muse is on Vacation

Have you ever sat down to start a new writing project only to find yourself sitting there, hours later, staring idly at the blank page? Writing inspiration doesn’t always come easily. In an ideal world, we always look forward to the blank page, a fresh canvas we can color with ideas and texture with language….Read More

writing art and commerce

Creative Writing, Art, and Commerce

What is art? People have been trying to answer that question for centuries, but we still don’t have a definitive answer. We know art is borne of creativity. It’s meant to impact whoever is experiencing it. And it comes from a place within the artist that we don’t truly understand. Art remains a mystery, both…Read More

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Journal Ideas for Daily Writing and Creativity

Every expert in the world thinks you should keep a journal. Physical trainers suggest keeping an exercise journal, and nutritionists recommend keeping track of your meals. Oprah insists on a gratitude journal, and business consultants promote journaling one’s career. How much journal writing can one person do? Journals are, first and foremost, the forté of…Read More

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How to Transform Words Into Writing Inspiration

I recently flipped through my copy of Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge’s Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words (aff link), and after just a couple of chapters, my imagination was on fire. I’m always looking for new ways to inspire writing ideas, and lately I’ve been thinking that we should talk more about a writer’s most basic…Read More

dream journal

How to Harvest a Dream Journal for Writing Inspiration

There’s something mysterious and magical about dreams. In the dreamworld, anything is possible. Our deepest desires and greatest fears come to life. Whether they haunt or beguile, our dreams represent the far reaches of our imaginations. Journals can have similar qualities of mystery and intrigue. If your journal is full of freewrites, doodles, cryptic notes,…Read More

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Creative Writing: Reflective Journaling

A journal is a chronological log, and you can use a journal to log anything you want. Many professionals keep journals, including scientists and ship captains. Their journals are strictly for tracking their professional progress. Fitness enthusiasts keep diet and exercise journals. Artists use journals to chronicle their artistic expressions. A writer’s journal can hold…Read More

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Unusual Writing Activities That Will Boost Your Creativity

Writing usually involves sitting in a chair and hammering away at a keyboard. It can get repetitive and mundane. I have often found that when I need a boost of creativity, removing myself from my normal writing environment is a good way to get ideas flowing. If you’re feeling stuck, try positioning your body differently….Read More

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