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TV-Inspired Writing Prompts

I’ve always had mixed feelings about television. It’s a bit disturbing when people spend all their free waking hours staring at a screen with their brains turned off and a glazed look on their faces. And television is unreliable as a source of information. I’ve found that many of the news shows and documentaries that…Read More

What-If Writing Prompts.

23 Writing Prompts That Ask What If?

Some of the best poems and stories ask the age old question, “What if…?” The phrase “what if?” is a writing prompt in its own right. Pause to contemplate it for a few minutes, and pretty soon, your mind will produce a host of scenarios that engage your imagination and spark plenty of writing ideas….Read More

writing prompts

Poetry-Inspired Writing Prompts

Poetry is the most under-appreciated form of writing in the world today. Yet poems are ever-present in our lives. As children, we learn rhythm and language from nursery rhymes, and poems are read aloud at most major life events: baptisms, graduations, weddings, presidential inaugurations, and funerals, to name a few. Today’s writing prompts are inspired…Read More

writing prompts

Philosophy-Inspired Writing Prompts

Writing provides a way to express one’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas. It’s a communication tool. But writing can also be a tool for self-discovery and critical thinking. Many authors have stated that they write stories so they can find out what happens to the characters they’ve created. Essayists explain that writing helps them organize their…Read More

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Winter-Inspired Writing Prompts

Writers and artists have always been inspired by the seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall have functioned as metaphors, backdrops, and even characters in literature. Like all artists, writers are constantly hunting for inspiration. But inspiration is fleeting. Sometimes, we need a little help. When inspiration isn’t coming from within us, all we need to…Read More

writing prompts for the holidays

Holiday-Inspired Writing Prompts

What I love best about the holiday season is that there are so many holidays to choose from. Here in the U.S., most people consider the holidays officially underway at Thanksgiving. From Thanksgiving weekend through the first day of the new year, people are busy celebrating every holiday from Winter Solstice and Hanukkah to Christmas…Read More

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