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Writing Coach
Every person who has achieved success has done so by enlisting the help of others.

Some of us studied writing at university and were guided by knowledgeable, professional instructors. Others are self-taught, and they too relied on help from the pros. They studied works by successful authors and absorbed books and other resources on the craft of writing.

We all need a little help crossing the finish line. If you can’t attend classes and workshops because they don’t fit your schedule or budget, or if you have exhausted your self-help-for-writers resources, then hiring a writing coach may be a smart option.

What a Writing Coach Does

A writing coach should be able to relate to your struggles while offering solutions to help you overcome your challenges. A good writing coach will hold you accountable and firmly, but gently, encourage you to stick to your goals and make sure you complete your projects.

Finally, a writing coach is more than a productivity expert. A writing coach knows good writing and will work with you to make sure your writing is the best it can be.

Do You Need a Writing Coach?

Before you hire a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have writing goals that I am consistently NOT achieving? Do I regularly drop the ball on my writing projects?
  • Do I need to work on improving my grammar, spelling, or punctuation, or could my sentence and paragraph structure be improved?
  • Do I need to develop a stronger voice, more realistic characters, or better plots?
  • Could I benefit by enlisting the help of a writing coach who will provide thoughtful, honest, and constructive feedback?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a writing coach just might knock the wind back into your sails.

Luckily, I know a someone who can help you.

Your Writing Coach

You don’t have to read Writing Forward for very long before you realize how passionate I am about helping other writers. Sure, I do my own writing and work as a website consultant and copywriter, but I actually get the biggest thrill when I know an article I’ve written genuinely helped someone with their writing.

I love to write and I’m good at it. Plus, I love to help people, especially writers. Being a writing coach only makes sense. As your writing coach, I will help you:

  • Identify and prioritize your creative writing goals.
  • Stay focused on your objectives and projects.
  • Set and reach weekly writing goals.
  • Overcome challenges that interfere with your writing progress.
  • Improve your writing through thoughtful and insightful critiques.

The result? You’ll reach your goals, become a better writer, and produce polished work that is suitable for publication.

My writing coach program is ideal for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction. I also have a blog coaching program for writers who want to launch or improve their author websites and blogs. The blog coaching program is perfect for established authors or writers who are getting ready to publish and want to build a platform.

How It Works

Coaching is conducted via email. During the first week of the coaching program, you’ll describe your writing experience and objectives. This will help us set goals that you’ll work toward. Each week, you’ll send an update explaining what progress you’ve made and what obstacles are getting in your way. You’ll also send written material for review.

Depending on the nature of your project, you’ll either receive an edited copy or written feedback. In some cases, you’ll receive both. The coaching is completely customized to your needs, skill level, and the particulars of your project.

You’ll also receive personalized guidance to help you reach your goals and become a better writer, including recommendations for books, magazines, websites, podcasts, and other writing resources that are chosen especially for your style, goals, and skill level.

I will support you by providing encouragement when you make progress toward your goals, and I’ll offer tips and advice on how to overcome challenges that are interfering with your writing projects. Through the writing coach program, you’ll receive one-on-one support and guidance.


The writing coach program starts at $300 per month for one of the following options:

  • 500 Words: Each week, you’ll receive communications addressing your progress and challenges with writing, an edited and marked-up copy of your 500-word piece, and editorial notes on the piece.
  • Two Hours: With two hours of consultation per week, you’ll receive comprehensive, written feedback on your draft. This option usually does not include edits and is ideal for early drafts and works in progress.

The service time and rates can be tailored to your needs. For $500 per month, you can send up to 1000 words or receive four hours of consultation per week. Bonus: As a writing coach client, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on additional editorial, coaching, and consult services.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply contact me and tell me about your writing. Let me know what you write and what you’d like to accomplish through the writing coach program. There’s no obligation until you decide to sign up. Openings in the program are limited.

I look forward to helping you improve your writing and reach your goals.