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The Only Two Writing Tips You’ll Ever Need: Read and Write

I love collecting writing tips. You never know when you’re going to stumble across a golden nugget of wisdom that will make your writing richer and more vibrant. One of the reasons I started this website was so that I could share the many valuable tips that I’ve acquired over the years. I figure that…Read More

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Five Grammar Habits Every Writer Should Adopt

Can you imagine a nutritionist who eats exclusively at fast food restaurants? A personal trainer who never exercises? A writer who can’t be bothered with grammar, spelling, and punctuation? In most professions, best practices and tools of the trade are mandatory. If you want to be a doctor, you have to earn a PhD. If…Read More

good grammar

10 Reasons Writers Should Master Grammar

Each writer has a different perspective on how accurate grammar needs to be. Some are sticklers who insist on adhering to the highest standards of the literary order. Others are comfortable taking creative liberties and believe that breaking the rules is an art unto itself and a practice that should be embraced. Me? I’m somewhere…Read More

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8 Common Creative Writing Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our writing. The most common mistake is the typo — a missing word, an extra punctuation mark, a misspelling, or some other minor error that is an oversight rather than a reflection of the writer’s skills (or lack thereof). A more serious kind of mistake is a deep flaw in…Read More

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Writing Resources: Grammar Girl

As a writer, it’s only natural that I pay attention to the mechanics of my craft, which is why I’m always on the lookout for new and useful writing resources. Back in 2007, when I discovered the Grammar Girl podcast, my interest in grammar piqued, and I started writing more consciously than ever before. Sure,…Read More

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Practical Advice for Writing Dialect

Please welcome guest author Alyssa Hollingsworth with tips on writing dialect. I’ll be honest: I’ve always been terrified of dialect because it’s easy to get wrong. But when done well, it can make a story shine. When you’re writing in first person, it is important to consider who your narrator is and how she or…Read More

From Creative Writing to Creative Marketing: Interview with Wendy Burt-Thomas

Creative writing is hard work. You have to master the technical side of writing (know your grammar), deliver work that resonates with readers, and possess massive amounts of drive, ambition, and sheer determination. It can take months, even years, to write a book. Then you have to sell it — first to an agent, then…Read More

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