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Get Poemcrazy!

Part memoir, filled with poetry exercises and activities, and sprinkled with poems, Poemcrazy is sure to inspire anyone who wants to delve deeper into the art of writing poetry and the lifestyle of a poet. Poemcrazy is a delicious read with bite-sized chapters that give you a creative boost and a flash of inspiration before any…Read More

Writing Resources: Bird by Bird

Bird by Bird is a classic book on writing. You’ll hear about it in writer circles, at workshops, and it will appear on book lists by some of your favorite authors. This book had been sitting on my to-read list for years by the time I got around to reading it, and now I can…Read More

the writers journey

The Writer’s Journey: A Must-Read for Storytellers

If you read only one book on storytelling, make it The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. Over the years, I’ve read a lot of books on writing fiction. Many have been helpful, but some have left me feeling disappointed, especially those that promise their methods will result in a successful story or make grand claims…Read More

a poetry handbook

Writing Resources: A Poetry Handbook

Poetry is the music of language, the fine art of the written word. It demands a broad vocabulary and creative thinking. It promotes rhythm and meter, and it invites imagery. Poetry engages the imagination, stimulates the intellect, and touches the heart. Reading and writing poetry are excellent practices for any writer. Through poetry, we learn the…Read More

save the cat blake snyder

A Must-Read for Storytellers: Save the Cat

“It’s the scene where we meet the hero, and the hero does something — like saving a cat — that defines who he is and makes us, the audience, like him.” — Blake Snyder, Save the Cat Save the Cat has been on my radar for several years; it’s one of those books I kept…Read More

poetry tools and techniques

A Handy Book for Poets – Poetry: Tools & Techniques: A Practical Guide to Writing Engaging Poetry

I have found it quite challenging to find good books on the craft of poetry writing. My favorite resource, which is also the most comprehensive, is Perrine’s Sound and Sense. But that’s a costly book because it’s used in college-level poetry courses. For years, I’ve kept up a search for a simpler, more affordable book…Read More

no plot no problem

Writing Resources: No Plot? No Problem!

There are a million ways to approach writing a novel. You can outline your plot. You can create a series of scenes and use note cards to organize them. You can use a tried and proven formula from any number of plotting resources. Or you can create a couple of interesting characters and just start…Read More

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Writing Resources: Grammar Girl

As a writer, it’s only natural that I pay attention to the mechanics of my craft, which is why I’m always on the lookout for new and useful writing resources. When I discovered the Grammar Girl podcast, my interest in grammar piqued, and I started writing more consciously than ever before. Sure, I still break…Read More

journal writing

A Few Favorite Journal Writing Tools and Resources

We usually understand a journal to be a place for writing about ourselves, but journals can be used for plenty of other purposes, many of which are especially useful to writers. I’ve had my share of adventures in journal writing. As a teen, I kept a diary. Later, I had a poetry journal. I tried…Read More

screenplay by syd field

Screenplay by Syd Field

Studying the craft of writing from a variety of angles will benefit any writer. If you write short stories, you’ll learn something from studying a little poetry. If you write poetry, you can learn something useful from playwrights. And if you’re a novelist, you can pick up some great tips from the craft of screenwriting….Read More

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