Tips for writing horror stories

How to Write Better Horror Stories

Please welcome guest author P. Wish with an insightful post that features eight ways to write better horror stories. So you want to write better horror? The question is, how? This article breaks down the process into eight easy tips, focusing on how to find inspiration, the right setting, and support system for your work….Read More

how to get a literary agent and self-publish

How to Get a Literary Agent and Self-Publish Simultaneously

Please welcome guest author Sarah Juckes with an article on publishing. You’ve been submitting to agents for a while now, and although you’ve had a couple of close calls, your book is still unpublished. At this point, it can feel like you’ve reached a fork in the road. Do you keep going down the agent…Read More

Learn how to write an author bio.

How to Write Your First Author Bio

Please welcome author Nicolas Frame with some good advice on writing your first author bio. It’s an invigorating feeling, receiving one’s first acceptance letter from an editor. We want your piece. Yay! Pop the champagne cork, and put a party hat on your cat. But at the end of that email, you’ll usually realize they…Read More

Reconnect with your writing.

How to Rekindle Your Writing When You’ve Lost Touch

Please welcome guest author Ali Luke with some top-notch advice on how to reconnect with your writing when you’ve lost touch with it. Are you a writer who’s not currently writing? It happens to all of us at some point – often more than once. Life gets busy and priorities change. Perhaps you’ve gone from…Read More

writing dialect

Practical Advice for Writing Dialect

Please welcome guest author Alyssa Hollingsworth with tips on writing dialect. I’ll be honest: I’ve always been terrified of dialect because it’s easy to get wrong. But when done well, it can make a story shine. When you’re writing in first person, it is important to consider who your narrator is and how she or…Read More

polishing your manuscript

How To Polish Your Manuscript

Please welcome guest writer Bessie Blue with some tips on polishing your manuscript. Have you ever written a first draft and edited it in next to no time? You found three grammar mistakes—typos, really—and your outline was so solid there were no plot holes. As you sent your story to writing contests, you were bothered…Read More

Meet your muse

Meet Your Muse: Every Writer’s Best Friend

Please welcome guest author Lisa Tener with a post on connecting with your muse as a way to overcome writer’s block and achieve better creativity. Maybe you’re familiar with the term muse, which comes from the ancient Greeks and refers to the goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. In my work…Read More

should you write a memoir

Should You Write a Memoir?

Please welcome guest author Alana Saltz with a heartwarming article on writing memoirs. As a genre, memoir has been growing exponentially each and every year. More and more people are finding the strength, courage, and determination to write about their experiences in a compelling and literary way. The success of memoirs like Cheryl Strayed’s Wild…Read More

write what you are willing to learn

Write What You’re Willing To Learn

Please welcome guest author Tamara Girardi with a post that challenges the old adage, “write what you know.” This post contains affiliate links that earn commissions for this website from qualifying purchases. In mid-October, I attended a literary evening with Jodi Picoult as part of the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures series. My immediate impression of Picoult:…Read More

rejection letters

7 Ways to Mentally Squash Rejection Letters

Please welcome Natasa Lekic from NY Book Editors with a post that will help you handle rejection letters. Read well, because this post is packed with excellent advice. Rejection letters are a cruel, inevitable part of every writer’s life. However, they shouldn’t derail your writing habits, which is why it’s critical to get over rejection…Read More

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