creative writing ideas in the news

The news is a great source of writing ideas.

Creative people are always looking for inspiration, and writers are no exception.

We look to the people in our lives, to nature, and to the books, music, and films that we love. We call on our muses, we doodle, and we daydream. We record our dreams, meditate, and contemplate. And we do all these things in an attempt to find creative writing ideas that inspire and motivate us.

But we really need look no further than our local newsstand, where creative writing ideas aplenty can be found.

Open up a newspaper, turn on the news, or surf over to your favorite news website. Guess what you’ll find? Stories. Lots and lots of stories. And lots of writing ideas.

Characters and People

The news is full of colorful characters, from the lowliest criminal to the most glamorous business executive. Local heroes, big-time politicians, sports stars, and pop-culture celebrities all mingle together in the pages of your daily rag. Be sure to check the society pages and the obituaries, and let these inspire your character creations. If you’re looking for really far-out figures, try one of the tabloids or scandal sheets. You can turn these people into characters in your fiction or you can zero in on them as real individuals and write a piece of nonfiction — an essay, an article, or even a biography.


I’m one of those writers who can whip up a character in no time, but coming up with a plot wreaks havoc on my creativity. Newspapers are filled with all kinds of interesting plots and writing ideas for fiction. Look to small-town papers for quaint stories that are usually overlooked by mainstream media. Large, urban papers will carry national interest bits. And many periodicals off the beaten path contain tales of the unusual, paranormal, and fantastical, which can be pretty useful for writers of science fiction and fantasy.


The newspapers are full of quotes, and where there are none, you can surely make up your own. Since dialogue is driven by character and plot, you can simply delve into the goings-on of any news story and start imagining what these people would say to one another.

Setting and Imagery

Don’t forget about the photos and other images! You can turn to a magazine if you’re seeking a location. National Geographic or any travel magazine will give you a sense of setting and compelling imagery that can provoke a poem. You’ll pick up interesting phrases like “down by the levee,” or “at the railroad junction,” which you may have not otherwise considered.


Are you writing a period piece? The local library is stocked with archives of old newspapers and other publications that you can review and photocopy. Not only will you find creative writing ideas for character, plot, and setting, you’ll also pick up lingo and other period details.

Creative Writing Ideas Are All Over the News

When you want to sit down and write, don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Make it happen. The news is jam-packed with creative writing ideas, and all you need to do is season it with a little imagination — your next piece of writing will be simmering in no time.

Here are a few final tips:

  • Get writing ideas from the news online, in print, or on TV.
  • Check magazines and periodicals.
  • Watch documentaries.
  • Take a trip to the library and dig through the archives.
  • Stay on the lookout for images you can use.

Where do you turn for creative writing ideas? Share your tips in the comments.

And keep writing!

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