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One of the best websites for writers!

Writer’s Digest is the premiere magazine for writers. And by premiere, I mean it’s sort of a big deal (aff link).

So, when I found out that Writing Forward had been chosen as one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers,” I was perfectly speechless.

When I regained my vocabulary, it was just jumbled. What does one say to something like this?

I’m honored, flattered, and excited. To be mentioned in a publication like Writer’s Digest is no small achievement, and it only makes me want to work even harder to bring you the very best creative writing tips and ideas.
101 best websites for writers

Best Websites for Writers

Every year, Writer’s Digest accepts suggestions for websites to be included on this prestigious list. This year, over 2700 entries were received and then narrowed down to just 101 of the very best.

The list is organized by category: challenges/creativity, general resources, agent blogs, publishing resources, jobs and markets, writing communities, genres/niches, and fun for writers.

Writing Forward is listed under “Writing Communities,” which sweetens the honor, since the writing community is what drives this blog and keeps me going week after week.

If you’re looking for some great websites for writers, then you’ll find plenty of treasures on this list. And if you’re any kind of writer, you’ll find Writer’s Digest packed with valuable and useful information from creative writing tips to insight on landing an agent and getting published.

Welcome, Writer’s Digest Readers!

It’s truly a privilege to welcome the readers of Writer’s Digest to this humble little creative writing blog. I hope you will find the articles here beneficial to your writing endeavors, and I encourage you to participate by sharing your thoughts in the comments. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Get on Board

writers digestWhat? Don’t tell me you’re not subscribed to Writer’s Digest!

For less than $20, you’ll get eight issues packed with insightful writing tips, advice for finding an agent, tips for getting published, and even guidance for working as a freelance writer. This magazine covers everything from the writing process to marketing your work.

Some of the best-loved and most respected authors in the world have been featured in Writer’s Digest. Plus, the magazine accepts submissions and pays writers quite well for any work they accept for publication. Yes, it’s the real deal people.

Subscribe to Writer’s Digest todayΒ (aff link). You won’t be sorry.

Thank You!

I want to give special thanks to Karen Swim over at Words for Hire – not only for being the first to congratulate me (thereby alerting me to the news) — but also for being so encouraging and supportive as a writing and blogging friend.

Of course, this never wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for all of you writers out there who have subscribed, commented, and emailed. Your participation, feedback, and suggestions keep this blog going, so without you, it wouldn’t even exist. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I adore you all!

Now, let’s get back to writing.

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