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Creative writing prompts for travelers and adventurers.

Travel and adventure are the themes behind some of the greatest poems ever written and best stories ever told.

Blockbuster movies like the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, TV shows like Star Trek and Game of Thrones, and books such as Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Peter Pan, or Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (aff link) all use adventure as a premise for telling a riveting tale.

Today’s creative writing prompts are designed to get you out of the house and away to a far-off place. You can go anywhere you want. Some of these places are fantastical while others can be found on any map.

Creative Writing Prompts

Use these creative writing prompts in any way you see fit. Write a poem, a story, or an essay about an experience you’ve had, or draft an entry in your journal. Change these prompts as much as you want to make them work for you. And have fun!

  1. What if you had an opportunity to travel to outer space? Would you ever take a trip to the moon? Would you travel aboard an interstellar starship?
  2. During a field trip to a museum, a group of kids (who are not friends with each other) gets lost and goes on a grand adventure through time and space.
  3. What if you had a chance to travel anywhere in the world, but you had to stay in one location for a whole year? Where would you go and why?
  4. You’re flying somewhere—anywhere—but when your plane lands, you and the other passengers quickly realize you didn’t reach your intended destination. In fact, you’ve arrived in a strange, wondrous (or terrible) world that you never knew existed.
  5. Write a personal essay describing your favorite vacation destination.
  6. Spaceships, planes, and Martians: We started out traveling around on foot. Then some clever Neanderthal invented the wheel. Now, we soar through the skies and tear through space. Write a story about a long journey set in an era when planes, trains, and automobiles weren’t readily available.
  7. Write an article filled with travel tips based on your own travel experiences.
  8. What if you discovered a portal to another world? Where is the portal? How does it work? What’s on the other side?
  9. You’ve won a one-month vacation to the destination of your choice, and you get to bring one other person with you. Where do you go and who do bring?
  10. Have you ever traveled alone? Tell your story. Where did you go? Why? What happened?

Do you ever use creative writing prompts to spark writing sessions? Have you found them helpful? Got any writing prompts of your own to share? Leave a comment!

Creative Writing Prompts

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