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A week’s worth of journal prompts.

As writers, we are constantly told (usually by other writers) that we should be writing every day (without exception!), but rarely are we provided with details of what we should be writing.

Of course, many writers already know what to write. They are poets, short story writers, novelists, memoirists, literary journalists, and bloggers. Their niche informs what they write.

But poets don’t necessarily want to write poetry every single day. And fiction writers may want to take a break from storytelling. Exploring different types of writing broadens our abilities and keeps our skills sharp. Plus, we can learn a lot from experimenting with various forms.

Today’s journal prompts encourage you try writing different types of material. Just for a week, step out of your comfort zone or take a break from what you usually write to try something new or rediscover a form that you haven’t used in a while. And while you’re at it, try tackling a variety of topics. I bet you’ll be surprised by what you can write when prompted!

If you regularly keep a journal, then these journal prompts will simply provide fodder for you. If not, then try this week-long experiment in variety to see how far and wide you can stretch your writing.

Seven Journal Prompts

Below, you’ll find seven days’ worth of journal prompts. Each prompt provides you with a form to write in and a topic to write about. Feel free to mix and match forms and topics. Be creative, write well, and have fun!

Day Form Topics
Day 1 Poem Nature, seasons, weather, the sea, space
Day 2 Flash Fiction Human relationships, conflict, compromise
Day 3 Memoir One moment that changed your life
Day 4 Freewrite Pop culture and entertainment
Day 5 Article Write a how-to article about something you know how to do
Day 6 Short Story Friendship, romance, family
Day 7 Essay Invention, technology, gadgets

Journal prompts are supposed to help you start a writing session. Don’t worry if you stray from your topic or use the same form day after day. Try to reach past what is comfortable for you and test your limits. Good luck, and keep writing!

Did you find these journal prompts helpful or inspiring? Do you often use writing prompts? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Creative Writing Prompts

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