holiday gifts for writers 2019

Holiday gifts for writers.

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It’s that time of year again when many of us start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. For those of you who have a writer on your gift list this year, I’ve got some helpful gift suggestions down below.

And for the writers out there, consider a little self-care by getting yourself a gift this holiday season. Get yourself something to celebrate your writing achievements this year, or pick up something that will motivate you hit your writing goals next year.

Whether you’re shopping for the writer in your life, or the writer that you are, here are some ideas for finding the perfect gifts for writers:

amazon best books 2019

A writer can never have enough books

We writers love books, and we need lots of them! Amazon has put together a list of the “Best Books of 2019” to help you find the perfect book for the reader in your life.

moleskine notebooks

Writers need lots of notebooks

Have you ever seen a writer geek out over stationery? We love notebooks, pens, and various office supplies. Some of the most popular notebooks include Moleskines, Field Notes, and classic composition books. Pro tip: when purchasing these notebooks online, check the details, because they come in a variety of sizes and have different types of pages (lined, blank, grid, etc).

pilot pens

Pens to go with those notebooks

You know what would make a great gift for almost any writer? A handy pen case stuffed with all sorts of pens. Pilot has become my favorite brand of pen, because they offer a wide variety of choices at various price points, from their Premium Gel Rollers, which come in an assortment of fun colors, to their fancy (but not too fancy) fountain pens, to their G-2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens, which are one of the most popular pens on the market.

writer sweatshirt

Keep a writer warm

The chilly season is upon us. Keep your favorite writer warm with this writer sweatshirt that says, “EAT, SLEEP, WRITE, REPEAT,” which is, of course, the mantra of writers everywhere.

first lines literary mug

Brush up on classic literature while enjoying a tasty beverage

You know what’s great on cold mornings and chilly afternoons? A hot beverage. Any writer will appreciate a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa served in this delightful literary mug that features first lines from the greatest novels of all time.

story cubes

Fun with storytelling

I don’t have Story Cubes (yet), but they are on my wish list! This storytelling game looks like a great way to get the whole family in on the fun of spinning tales. The idea is simple: roll a cube to find out what happens next in the story you’re creating in this imaginative game that can be used for a variety of purposes from breaking through writer’s block to a fun activity for a writer’s group or book club. (It would make a great ice-breaker at a holiday event or work party.)

typewriter decor

Desk decor with a touch of nostalgia

Only the most nostalgic writers still use typewriters in today’s world of modern technology, but the typewriter remains one of the most recognizable universal symbols of the craft of writing. What writer wouldn’t want this adorable miniature typewriter decoration to sit atop their desk? Best of all, it can hold pens, pencils, and other items.

kindle paperwhite

Something that holds all the books a writer could read

Now that phones and tablets can do everything that a hundred other devices used to do, it’s tempting to just opt for a Kindle app. But I still swear by the Kindle e-reader. It’s a lot easier on the eyes than reading on a phone or tablet, and it makes buying books fast and convenient. I can’t remember the last time I used my stereo or digital camera, but I still read on my Kindle all the time! As a bonus, it’s nice for writers to be able to preview their books in various formats, so a Kindle is an excellent investment.

writers block notepad

Something for that annoying affliction known as writer’s block

This burly desktop writing pad is unlike any other. Not only is it emblazoned with the bane of all writers: WRITER’S BLOCK; it’s filled with the cure. Each page of this writerly notepad contains a writing prompt, idea, or bit of wisdom to make sure inspiration is never in short supply.

writer hat

Something to protect a writer from the elements

Writers are known for being indoor creatures, hovering over their keyboards in utter solitude. But you know what? We need to get out every once in a while, and this writer hat is just the thing to keep our messy hair under wraps for a quick trip to the library, the local bookstore, or a cafe, where we can load up on coffee and treats.

on writing

Books on the Craft

What can I say? We love to read, we love to write, and we love to read about writing. You can find all the books on craft that I endorse in the Writing Resources section here at Writing Forward. Here are a couple of staples plus my own little self-promotion:

amazon gift card happy holidays

You can never go wrong with gift cards

Not sure which of these gifts to pick for the writer in your life? Looking for a digital gift that you can send online? Opt for a gift card. I especially love this Amazon gift card that comes in a lovely, wintery, snowflake tin. As a bonus, you get to choose any gift amount.

What Gifts Will You Get This Holiday Season?

Whether you’re shopping for a writer in your life or looking to get yourself a special writerly treat, what gifts have you been eyeing this holiday season? Let us know what you’d like to unwrap by leaving a comment. And with the busy holiday season upon us, don’t forget to keep writing!

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