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Are you wired for storytelling?

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Are you a storyteller? Do you want to be one? Then I suggest you pick up a copy of Wired for Story, ASAP.

This is easily one of the best books on writing fiction that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. The book takes a fresh approach and tackles fiction writing from a scientific perspective. Thus the subtitle: “The writer’s guide to using brain science to hook readers from the very first sentence.”

Before all you left-brained creatives bristle at the word science, know this: the book is completely accessible. It doesn’t confuse you with complex scientific jargon. Instead, it uses simple examples (mostly told as stories) to demonstrate the science behind story.

What keeps the reader’s brain engaged? What causes the reader’s brain to wander off in search of something more compelling? How do you hook readers in the first place? If you want to know the answers to these questions, you need to read this book.

Not only does Wired for Story answer these questions, it reveals the most critical elements that your story needs in order to resonate with readers. As an avid reader, I found myself nodding along with every piece of insight and advice this book offers.

We’re All Wired for Story

In the past year, I’ve read several books on the craft of fiction writing. I don’t think I finished half of them. Some were unrelatable (like the one that used a bunch of novels I’ve never read or heard of as examples). Others were written in a tone that I found dull (and in one case, almost offensive in its arrogance).

So when Wired for Story arrived in my mailbox, I was a bit hesitant. But once I got started, the book was hard to put down. Not only did it address issues that most other books on the craft of storytelling miss or gloss over (even though they are of critical importance), I found it fun and entertaining, too.

I found concepts in this book that I could immediately put into practice. I experienced several aha! moments where I thought that’s exactly what my manuscript needs!

My favorite chapters dealt with characters (and more specifically, the protagonist), explaining the importance of creating characters that inspire emotion from the reader, characters who want something (one thing internally and something else externally), and characters who possess the all-important inner conflict. I immediately recognized the validity of these concepts, and because they were explained so clearly, I could even see where my own characters were missing the mark.

“Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution.”
– Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Perhaps most importantly, Wired for Story will get you out of your own head and force you to think not like a writer, but like a reader. We want people to buy our books, read them, and leave positive reviews. So we better be cognizant of what their expectations are and what they will experience when they read our stories. Why should they care about the protagonist? How will they relate to her goals, struggles, and inner issues? Or will they?

Best of all, I found Wired for Story to be highly motivational. I couldn’t wait to finish each chapter so I could work on my own story and apply the concepts I’d picked up.

Whether you’re thinking about writing a novel, in the middle of drafting a story, or working on revisions for a screenplay, this book will keep your head in the game, because it’s a constant reminder that writing is a delight. It cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart of what makes a story work.

“Writers are, and always have been, among the most powerful
people in the world.” – Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Get Wired for Story

wired for storyWe’re all wired for story, but are you wired for storytelling? Find out what really hooks readers and keeps them glued the page, and learn how to write a story that people will read and love. What are you waiting for?

Get Wired for Story right now.


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