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Setting in Time

Today’s fiction writing exercise is an excerpt from my book, Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises, which imparts lessons and techniques on the craft of storytelling and provides practical exercises for study and practice. This exercise focuses on setting and more specifically, making sure readers know where every scene in a story takes place. Enjoy! Setting in…Read More

fiction writing exercises plot points

Plot Points: A Storytelling Exercise

Today’s fiction writing exercise is an excerpt from Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises. This exercise focuses on plot points, which you can use to construct stories and to resolve issues with a story’s plot and structure. Enjoy! Plot Points Plot points are the events that move a story forward—the twists, turns, and developments that push the…Read More

fiction writing exercise character arcs

Sneak Peek at Story Drills: Character Arcs

Today’s post offers a sneak peek at my forthcoming book, Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises. This exercise examines character arcs. Enjoy! Character Arcs In storytelling, an arc is a path of transformation. A character arc is the journey that a character experiences throughout the course of a story, which leads to a significant change. Changes…Read More

fiction writing exercises

Fiction Writing Exercises: Step Out of Your Shoes

I recently shared a writing exercise that encouraged you to get into a character’s head. Today’s exercise asks you to go a step further and explore characters and ideas that are your polar opposites. One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of being a writer is creating characters. It is an opportunity to step…Read More

character fiction writing exercises

Getting Into Character: Fiction Writing Exercises

Writers are not actors, but sometimes we need to get into character. To truly understand the nature of a character, a writer must step into that character’s shoes. You can use character sketches and descriptions while you’re creating a character, but the character will remain two dimensional until you can get into the character’s head…Read More

fiction writing exercises

Fiction Writing Exercises for Stimulating Creativity

Do you ever feel like the story you’re writing is bland? Like it needs to be spiced up? Or maybe you want to write a story but you’re fresh out of ideas. Fiction writing exercises are perfect for toning your storytelling muscles. They can also provide you with a wealth of ideas for writing projects….Read More

fiction writing exercises

Fiction Writing Exercises: The Power of Prose

When we writers discuss fiction, we usually focus on plot, setting, dialogue, and especially characters. These, of course, are the essential elements of decent storytelling. But what we often forget to address is the prose. The words we choose to depict action, express characters’ thoughts, and render their dialogue is another important, albeit often overlooked,…Read More

fiction writing exercises

Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Characters

Whenever I’m working on a story idea, I spend a lot of time during the development stages making character sketches and writing backstories for my characters. I usually end up with too many of them, so some characters get cut. The lucky ones get resurrected in some other story. Some of my favorite stories are…Read More

Fiction writing exercises for a little storytelling magic

3 Fiction Writing Exercises

Fiction writing exercises can help you discover storytelling techniques and provide ideas and inspiration for your fiction writing projects. These exercises provide practice and experience for young or new writers. For more experienced writers, these exercises offer inspiration and can help you see a story from a fresh perspective. Today’s fiction writing exercises are carefully…Read More

fiction writing exercises

Fiction Writing Exercises for Developing Setting

Setting is one of the most important elements in fiction writing. If your readers don’t know where the story is taking place, they’ll get lost and confused, and it will be hard for them to enjoy your tale. Some stories have simple settings based on real places. You can use your hometown or a major…Read More

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